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Guangzhou Kai Di Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is a poetic design and development, production, sales ceiling walls, the whole kitchen, kitchen appliances based integrated comprehensive home building materials enterprises. The company has implemented standardized management of enterprises through the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, OHSMS18001 international occupational health and safety management system certification, and the use of content management systems. Companies focus on the introduction of talents, absorb and master advanced technology advantages. Uphold the support of our customers and commitment to the community of environmental protection, product innovation and commitment to the development of energy-saving, low-carbon, healthy, green, environmentally friendly, durable products to meet the community on the ceiling walls, kitchen products rising needs, some of our products have gained national
Kay Mackay square plate products from high grade alloy or steel, the use of advanced materials molde..
Kaysdy series ceiling tile is made of high-grade galvanized steel or aluminum, use advanced material..
It is widely used in house, office building, hotel, mall and exposition center and a variety of secr..
Aluminum panel is a aluminum decorative material, can be incised, bended, roll arc, welded and proce..
Novel, beautiful, unique, Most modern breath. Anodic oxidation process is different from the ordinar..
Outdoor aluminum panel is based on the design of a specific project needs, adopt ‘hunter’ Precision ..
Outdoor aluminum panel is based on the design of a specific project needs, adopt ‘hunter’ Precision ..
Metal mesh ceiling is a kind of distinctive type condole top material. It through to the special met..
Honeycomb core material is impregnated synthetic resin (phenolic resin, polyester, etc.) of the kraf..
Decorative aluminum profile products are main used for indoor, outdoor decoration. Its structure is ..
Arc metal condole top is the perfect way to realize arc and multi-level space design. For up to 6 me..
Imitation wood grain aluminum ceiling is a popular building material in the modern Europe. Imitation..
Kaysdy grille ceiling system is ventilative, fireproof, easy for installation, Structure compact, Ri..
Using the unidirectional plate can be form single-track anode of vision. The ceiling line is lively ..
Kaysdy strip ceiling system is a rectangular distribution, ridge and clear. Strip ceiling due to the..

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