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Guangzhou Kai Shi Di Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Panyu District, Guangzhou City Shilou Kai Chong Road 63, Building 1 Tsinghua Science Park Innovation 
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(1) Office in Wuhan, Judith Kay 
Contact: Jia Jiao 
Tel: 18665717340 
Address: Wuchang District of Wuhan City, Hubei Xudong a Luouyada Xudong Avenue home on the second floor of building materials

 Company Culture

Judith Kay beliefs, culture


Our vision is: to become the world's first ceiling walls, furniture company 

Our mission is: to build the core competitiveness of the decade to become world champion 

Our spirit is: simple and focus on self-reliance 

Our style is: commitment, no excuses, absolute obedience, never give up 

Our values ​​are: 

Customer: creating unique value for customers heart a hundred years 

Staff: The staff achievements heart a hundred years 

Business: great things in the heart of a hundred years 

Loyalty: loyalty to country, loyalty to the company 

Team: team first, individual back 

Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving proud, ashamed to ingrate 

Our core philosophy is: 

The concept of survival: Only the right way to survive 

Entrepreneurial ideas: high-spirited at the moment, is the ongoing struggle hero 

Development concept: sacrificing the greater good 

Business philosophy: Meeting the world teacher, poly Quartet excellence, innovation Chiaki Albert 

Sales concept: selling everything for love 

Service concept: customer-centric, with love to do service 

Brand concept: to create brand value, value creating wealth 

Wealth idea: Money is the thing apart, were first wealth growth 

Growth concept: make me pain who will make me stronger 

Working Methods: The simplest method is to trick reaches extreme 

Life philosophy: people gather sufficient fiscal dumping, the amount was wide enough people, enough body first rate people, self-discipline enough to convince the people 

Employing the concept: the position of the first, second capability 

Salary philosophy: there fruitful reward achievement is no shame 

Promotion idea: create results, personnel training, to be promoted 

Implementation of the concept: the system first, second leading 

Results of philosophy: only the first, no second

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