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Kay Mackay square plate products from high grade alloy or steel, the use of advanced materials molded entire peace process, to ensure the stability of the finished shape, flatness and dimensional accuracy. These products will be just like the modern sense of design and function integration, through the panel specifications, installation systems, perforated style choices, providing customers with a neat appearance, concise and full of changes ceiling solutions. Kay Mackay square plate stamping process using the model, sub square and rectangular, with a fixed length and width specifications. ● plate width 300mm ~ 600mm, plate length 300mm ~ 1200mm ● Standard panel size of nearly 20 kinds ● right angle and chamfer two kinds of flange joint effects of different forms of performance ● available next frame, dark frame, hook-type and other kind of mounting system ● perforated acoustic treatment or flat shapes to choose from aluminum or galvanized steel ● there are two kinds of materials to choose from

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